Monday Motivation - March 18

“What we do in life isn’t all that important. It’s the way we choose to live. The way that we approach what we do. And the way we connect with those around us that’s most important. It’s the approach .. . . of course we need to know the technique[s]. We need to know how to apply the technique[s]. But actually it’s about the approach. It’s always about the approach.” -Andy Puddicombe.

Hey Tech Leads,

You survived St. Patrick’s day (if it’s a thing where you are) and made it to another Monday! 

Here’s a reminder of the techniques we think you should focus on this week (and every week):

  1. Be committed to listening closely to the team. Are you listening for the full context of what’s being said and trying to keep your own needs aside (at least for a minute)?

  2. Have a bias for action. Take action. Take lots of action. Then evaluate - what worked, what didn’t, how are you going to improve? All growth starts by DOING SOMETHING.

  3. Be a craftsman when you create clear and compelling visions based on what you heard. Humans forget. Say it often.

  4. Track and adjust meticulously and with confidence. Every damn day. Track what’s going on in detail, and have the hard adjustment conversation now before it gets really hard later.

  5. Pay attention to your mindset. Believe in your ability to grow. And your team’s ability too.

Those are the five key capabilities from our Tech Lead’s Guide. There’s more to know, but focus on these five core capabilities and you won’t get overwhelmed. Remember it’s a process, not an outcome (even if you do have a big deadline this week). 

But really, as Andy says in the quote we led this week off on, focus on how you’re approaching the week. Is it full of tension and stress? 

What if it was all about focusing on the journey and having an opportunity to take some more steps this week - and making those most of those steps?

Have a great week, tech leads!

In case you missed last week

Last week we did a fair amount of podcasting and we’re having a pretty solid impact through these recordings. 

🎧 Last Monday, we recorded a session talking about what tech leads actually do day to day. Interestingly, if you search the internet, there’s a fair amount of conversation about this. Would be awesome if we settle the debate with this one, modest podcast. Unlikely. 

🎧 Tuesday I literally tore a page out of Pat Kua’s Talking With Tech Leads book and covered one tech lead’s experience growing into the role. 

🎧 Then on Wednesday I posted an odd session about the need to lead from the FRONT as a tech lead. I think this one deserves more listens though because it’s got some good insights in it (IMHO).

🎧 On Thursday, we posted a lightweight episode on the Success Cycle. It’s a simple loop you can go through when you’re trying new things. I think its best feature is that it gives you permission to fail, which can take some of the stress out of leading.

🎧 Finally, on Friday, we shipped a follow up to last Friday’s post. It explores, with a little more depth and energy, the question of whether you really want to step into the tech lead role. It’s probably one of my better ones because I think you can hear that I’m pretty excited about this topic.

If you want to join at the free lurker level, sign up at the Tech Lead Coaching Network, and we’ll send you these updates every Friday. 

Have a great week tech leads!