No. 19 - Take the Anxiety Out of Taking Action with the Success Cycle

Taking initiative (action) is one of the key capabilities we advocate for. Take some anxiety out of it with the Success Cycle.

The Success Cycle is a really easy, five step proccess, which is going to feel really comfortable and intuitive to those of you familiar with agile.

  1. test (basically test your skills, theory, capabilities, whatever),
  2. fail (‘cause it’s gonna happen),
  3. learn (find out what worked and what didn’t),
  4. improve (figure out how to do it better next time),
  5. re-enter (get up tomorrow and try again!)

Listen for more details I apply it to your role as a tech lead, but what I really like about the Success Cycle is that it takes a lot of anxiety about “getting it right the first time” out of your role as a tech lead.