Tech Lead’s Guide

We are excited that you are interested in the Tech Lead Coaching Network. The members of the Network are committed to helping you become the most impactful, most confident tech lead you can be.

We are a free, open source, community driven, and volunteer-based organization of tech leads and those who want to coach them. We do this through peer to peer, one on one coaching as well as in person workshops (currently only in Los Angeles).

Who Is This Guide For

This guide is focused on you and your role as a tech lead. If you are currently a tech lead and you are considering joining the Network to get coaching from another, more experienced tech lead, then you are in the right place!

If, instead, you are tech lead hoping to coach other tech leads, then please review the Coach’s Guide.

Also, if you are interested in organizing your own tech lead coaching network in your community or company, we are developing some guidance for that as well in the Organizer’s Guide, but that section is very much a work in progress.

What This Guide Covers

In this, the Tech Lead’s Guide, we are going to explore the role of the tech lead and how you can make the most of it on your own and through coaching.

In Part One, we start with our definition of the tech lead role (the industry tends to use the term pretty loosely), explore some of the day to day tasks that many tech leads perform, and propose some ideas about the leadership components of the role. The first chapter also provides some insights on why coaching is a unique way to learn and then dive into what tech lead coaching in particular is (and is not).

[Part Two] goes beyond the description of the day to day tasks described Part One to explore the soft skills required for most tech leads to be successful, starting with An Introduction to the Pareto Skills. It then zooms in on the five skills that we advise coaches to focus on during coaching sessions. We call them the Pareto skills because we feel those five skills, when developed to maturity, can have the biggest shift on the your ability to impact your team and enterprise or organization.

In Chapter Three, we build on the description of coaching from Chapter One. We describe some practical things that tech leads can do as they start a relationship with a coach and how to contribute to making the coaching conversations effective for both of you. Chapter Three also provides some ideas about how to get the most out of coaching relationships with some general tips about what to do and what not to do.


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