What Do Tech Leads Do?

The tech lead role in some companies is a formal designation with a clear job description. In other companies and contexts, the tech lead role is more ambiguous.

In either case, some of the daily activities that tech leads participate in may include the following non-exhaustive list:

  • teaming up with engineering management to be the interface between the technical team and other related functions, such as product management, quality assurance, project management, and etc.;
  • architecting, designing, or driving buy in for key technical decisions;
  • participating in feature design sessions and advocating for the team;
  • understanding, clarifying, and triaging bugs and tech debt;
  • tracking what the technical team is doing at a deeper technical level than typical engineering management;
  • clearly articulating the status of the work to the next level of management or other constituencies;
  • making adjustments to the work that other individual contributors are doing; and
  • much, much more.


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