Tech Lead Coach’s Guide

This guide is written for those interested in coaching other tech leads. If you are more interested in being coached, please visit the Tech Lead’s Guide section.

We believe that stepping up to volunteer your time as a tech lead coach will be both a rewarding experience and help you advance your career by substanstially helping you grow your own leadership skills.

Welcome, coach.

What This Guide Covers

We’re so excited to have you here. Perhaps you are considering whether to be a tech lead coach, or, perhaps, you are already ready to dive in and start. This section will give you enough information to help you make the decision and enough guidance that you can be effective while you’re out there coaching.

A word of warning, however: this guide is very much a work in progress and in its infancy right now. We want it to have enough information that you can do some discovery on your own about tech lead coaching but it is hardly an exhaustive treatise on the topic.

While this guide will be a good start and a useful guide, many of the most important insights you will likely find by reaching out to other Tech Lead Coaching Network coaches or your community organizer.

Overview of This Guide

In Part One, starting with, Yes You Can Coach, we try answer the outset question many first time tech lead coaches have: do I have enough knowledge or insight to coach other tech leads? Spoiler alert: it doesn’t take knowledge or insight, you just need to be a good listener and believe in others’ ability to grow.

In Part Two, we will explore how to get started with the Tech Lead Coaching Network, starting with How to Get Signed Up. This part also covers some of the basics about how to sign up as a coach, what kind of training and support we offer, how you will get tech leads to coach, and how to get ongoin support from the network.

If tech lead coaches are the heart of the Network, then the Tech Lead Coaching Model is the brains. In Part Three we explore our prescriptive model to get you started making your biggest impact as a coach of tech leads, starting with An Introduction to the Model. It is by no means an exhaustive model for how to be a coach, but it does offer a framework that we feel will get a new coach up to speed quickly.

Finally, Part Four, Tech Lead Coaching Logistics and Coaching Advice, covers some of the logistics for scheduling, getting started, and some practical tips for new coaches to use when engaging with tech leads. It starts with a discussion of Coaching Conversations.

Thank you for your leadership.


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