Chapter Two: Getting Started as a Tech Lead Coach

In this short chapter, we will walk you through the basic mechanics of getting signed up as a coach with the Tech Lead Coaching Network, what kind of training and support we offer, how you get tech leads, and how to get support from the Network.


Why is it Volunteer-based?

One question that comes up is why the Tech Lead Coaching Network is volunteer-based. After all, this kind of coaching takes time and is valuable for the tech leads receiving coaching.

There are a few reasons. First, most of our coaches are fairly new to the coaching process, so it does not seem realistic at this point to ask tech leads to pay money. Second, the amount of money you might receive for coaching is pretty low compared to the non-monetary benefits you will receive as a coach, including substantial growth in your own leadership, which should lead to more money for you in your career.

Finally, as a coach, if you truly love doing it and want to take on paying clients, you are absolutely free to do that. You can even use our training and support network to jumpstart your career. You will just need to find your own clients. As a volunteer organization, we will not match you up with paying clients through the Tech Lead Coaching Network.

How We Assign Tech Leads

The next big question that gets asked is how you get tech leads to coach.

One way we could have structured the Network is to make it a place where tech leads and coaches could self organize and find each other through the web platform. If we grow substantially, that may be one way we consider going.

For now, tech leads will be assigned to you by a community organizer.

When tech leads apply for coaching, we go through a similar intake process as the one you will go through. The organizer will scan the bench of coaches (where you will start) and try to play matchmaker between you and the tech lead.

The first step is that the organizer will share your Coach Profile with the candidate tech lead to make sure they are comfortable to proceed. And, likewise, if the tech lead is comfortable proceeding, the organizer will share the tech lead’s profile with you to confirm that you are comfortable.

From there, the organizer will schedule a session with you, the tech lead, and the organizer to make the introduction (more about this later).

What Happens if I Can No Longer Be a Coach?

Being a volunteer based organization, your availability and time are the most important resource you give us so if at any time you need to suspend or stop your coaching just let your organizer know.

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